Retired Cats

Here are some important cats that started my cattery off that are now retired and in new homes. Please see my Available Adults page for adults that are still available for adoption.

MGCH FritzNKitz Lucy Liu

DOB: February 23, 2019
Sire:  CH LaCatDolls Timothy of FritzNKitz
Dam: SMGC LaCatDolls Melody of FritzNKitz EM, CNW

Lucy is a wonderful combination of her mom and dad. She has a great head, fantastic blue eyes, beautiful coat and temperament. Covid caused some unfortunate turns for showing and breeding plans for Lucy. She ended up being a buddy for Rey in the cattery and not having kittens. She was able to return to the show ring after the pandemic for one last show to pick up the points needed to get her MGCH title which was a great horrah for her.

Lucy's Pedigree

CH FritzNKitz Grace Note

DOB: Aug 26, 2017
Sire:  DGC LaCatDolls Lafayette of FritzNKitz
Dam: LaCatDolls Suzie Q of FritzNKitz

Gracie is a wonderful combination of her mom and dad. It is so great to see a female with such fabulous boning and size from her dad. With her mom's plush coat she is such a beautiful girl. She really is a sweet girl and loves to sit on my lap. She doesn't like her picture being taken though, so her sweet characteristic may not have been captured.

Gracie is a Seal Point Mitt but she carries both dilute and chocolate! This was quite exciting because Timothy carries chocolate as well and when they were bred together they could produce seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac kittens and in all patterns. After producing 4 large litters she was retired. She was a great mom!

Grace's Pedigree

FritzNKitz Tilly Tally

DOB: Oct 23, 2018
Sire:  GCH FritzNKitz Beauregard
Dam: CH Palacedolls Arianna of FritzNKitz

Tilly is a sweet girl with big blue eyes on the left in this photo with her best buddy Ollie. She is mismarked so couldn't be shown, but has all the other great traits of a Ragdoll including her big beautiful blue eyes, great boning, and silky coat. She is the best of both her parents.

After a two huge beautiful litters, Tilly was retired.
Tilly's Pedigree

Champion LaCatDolls Timothy of FritzNKitz

DOB: Nov 9, 2017
Sire:  WhiteRockRags RagAndy of LaCatDolls
Dam: Chatouille Peachykeen of LaCatDolls

Timothy is Blue Point Mitted to balance out some of the Bi Colours in my breeding program. He brought some different lines to FritzNKitz along with his muscular physique, strong boning, long body and deep blue eyes. Timothy also carries chocolate. Timothy has been a great man producing many great litters for FritzNKitz and is now enjoying a well deserved retirement in a home where he is the only cat.

Timothy's Pedigree

SMGC LaCatDolls Melody of FritzNKitz EM, CNW

DOB: July 26, 2015
Sire:  GCH Chiffondolls Marquis of LaCatDolls
Dam: CH LaCatDolls Perle Des Jardins

Melody is a very affectionate girl and has beautiful blue eyes and the softest coat I've ever felt on a cat. She has a long body and good profile and nice ears. She is a joy to have and I'm blessed to have her. I've enjoyed showing her at CCA shows in 2016-2017 season. She reigned as best cat nationally in Canada until she had to take a maternaty leave from showing in January. She end up as 4th best cat in Canada for the 2016-2017 season, only because she missed a bunch of key shows. She had 5 beautiful blue bicolour babies in her first litter on March 6, 2017 and went on two ave two more litters. She is a great mom. I couldn't have dreamed for a better girl. Check out this video of guest CFA judge Rachel Anger judging her at the Ottawa Valley Cat Show in October 2016. This was her last appearance at a CCA Show.

Melody's Pedigree

DGC & IC LaCatDolls Lafayette of FritzNKitz

DOB: April 28, 2014
Sire:  SMGC Kizzykat Drummer Boy of LaCatDolls CNW
Dam: Champion LaCatDolls Lonesome Dove CNW

Lafayette is a wonderfully large boy, weighing in at 14 lbs at 10 months of age; at 5 years of age he ideally weighs ~ 16 lbs. He is a beautiful boy with fantastic large boning, great ear set and size, and a great social personality.   Since he has been neutered he has become even more sweet. He loves tummy rubs.

Champion FritzNKitz Bonnie Belle

DOB: March 6, 2017
Sire:  DGC LaCatDolls Lafayette of FritzNKitz
Dam: SMGC LaCatDolls Melody of FritzNKitz CNW

I decided to keep Belle back for my breeding program because of her plush soft coat, and her ability to go limp in my arms like a ragdoll. This is cat is the difinition of the breed. She also has a startling resemblance to her mom, but also with some good hidden features from her dad with nice blue eyes and a sweet personality. After 4 litters of beautiful kittens she has retired to life in Stratford, ON.

Belle's Pedigree

Grand Champion FritzNKitz Beauregard

DOB: March 6, 2017
Sire:  DGC LaCatDolls Lafayette of FritzNKitz
Dam: SMGC LaCatDolls Melody of FritzNKitz EM, CNW

I decided to keep Beaurgard back for my breeding program because he is such a wonderful combination of his mom and dad! He has Melody's silkly soft, medium long coat, that is so easy to care for, and her sweet facial expression. From Lafayette he gets his size and boning. At 2 years of age he weighs 21 lbs. He is a sweet and gental boy and is now enjoying being a pet.

Beauregard's Pedigree