CH FritzNKitz Grace Note

DOB: Aug 26, 2017
Sire:  DGC LaCatDolls Lafayette of FritzNKitz
Dam: LaCatDolls Suzie Q of FritzNKitz

Gracie is a wonderful combination of her mom and dad. It is so great to see a female with such fabulous boning and size from her dad. With her mom's plush coat she is such a beautiful girl. She really is a sweet girl and loves to sit on my lap. She doesn't like her picture being taken though, so her sweet characteristic may not have been captured.

Gracie is a Seal Point Mitt but she carries both dilute and chocolate! This is quite exciting because Timothy carries chocolate as well and when they are bred together they could produce seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac kittens and in all patterns. She will be retired in the fall of 2021 after her last litter.

Grace's Pedigree

GCH FritzNKitz Lucy Liu

DOB: February 23, 2019
Sire:  CH LaCatDolls Timothy of FritzNKitz
Dam: SMGC LaCatDolls Melody of FritzNKitz CNW

Lucy is a wonderful combination of her mom and dad. She has a great head, fantastic blue eyes, beautiful coat and temperament. She has been off to a great start at CCA cat shows gaining her Grand Champion title in just two shows while up against a 2.5 year old SMGC male who is her same colour class. Unfortunately, I think that due to covid-19 and the cancelling of cat shows, she will not complete her titles as she will need to venture into motherhood.

Lucy's Pedigree

CH FritzNKitz Apple Blossom

DOB: March 27, 2019
Sire:  CH LaCatDolls Timothy of FritzNKitz
Dam: CH FritzNKitz Grace Note

Blossom is a lilac mitt, resulting from both her parents carrying chocolate and dilute. She is my sweetheart and is precious to me. Even as a baby kitten she was always one to want to cuddle. She has a plush coat and excellent boning. I look forward to the lilacs and blues that she will produce with Rey.

Blossom's Pedigree

FritzNKitz Chocolate Marshmallow "Marsha" & Kitty Pryde "Kitty"

DOB: Oct 17, 2020
Sire:  CH LaCatDolls Timothy of FritzNKitz
Dam: CH FritzNKitz Grace Note

Marsha is a chocolate point and Kitty is a Seal Mitt, but carries chocolate and dilute. Both of these girls will have Chocolate and Lilac kittens with Rey (along with other colours).

Their pedigrees are the same as Blossom's (and with each other), but here they are:
Marsha's Pedigree   Kitty's Pedigree
Marsha and Kitty